Category: 2015

  • My Poem Respect

    Such a lovely discovery this morning! One of my poems translated into Gujarati by Dr. Vivek Tailor:

  • My Poem “Respect”

    I’M THRILLED and honored to see my poem “Respect” at the The Academy of American Poets’ site for Poem-a-Day today! Many thanks to the beautiful Alex D, curatorial wizard

  • Poetry is Dead

    In a moment of rare and blinding courage, I actually watched myself in this interview Weasel Patterson shot for his forthcoming poetry documentary, and in another moment of courage, I share it with you. I like his questions and the relaxed, coffee shop feel of our conversation. Weasel Patterson interviews Melissa Studdard on Youtube:

  • The Power Of Love

    I have decided to quit trying to figure out the purpose of life. It is not a mind thing, to be figured out. It is a heart thing, to feel. We are here to love. I will love with my work and my actions, I will love through my writing, I will love by the […]