Reviews at Amazon and Goodreads

A million thanks, Anne Tammel, for this beautiful review at Amazon and Goodreads! I’m so honored and grateful! “Melissa’s poetry has the power to shake the dust off ordinary life and light the world….a sublime, magical gift unfolds with the turn of each page..” Melissa Studdard is on Facebook and Twitter. She writes on Johntext … Read more

New Release: I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast

With Whitmanesque exuberance and voracity, Melissa Studdard’s I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast is a collection that devours the world even as it offers it—a collection that, through all its doubts and wounds, through “fire, ice, hurricanes, tsunamis, and quakes” arrives “with that tornado in its throat”—love—to spark renewal again and again. Noting the voluptuous, … Read more