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  • My Lovely Grandmother

    Here’s a picture of my lovely ninety-six year old grandmother from earlier today (courtesy of my aunt). Grandma Jane can’t always remember my name, but she still smokes, flirts, drinks scotch, wears a beautiful manicure, and outwits anyone naive enough to think they can figure out what’s going on in that beautiful head of hers. […]

  • Merry Christmas, friends!

    Joy to the world. And candy canes, and eggnog, and brightly lit trees … Merry Christmas, friends! Melissa Studdard is on Facebook and Twitter. She writes on Johntext Texas. Visit her personal homepage and find out about events and her books and contact her on More information is available on Wikipedia.

  • Share A Poem With You

    because meals are memorials that teach us how to move, history moves in us as we raise our voices and then our glasses to pour a little out for those who poured out everything for us, we pour ourselves for them, so they can eat again. From “Grace” by Jake Adam York, RIP (12/12) This […]

  • A Talk With Jacqueline Sheehan

    RJ Jeffreys: Please join my dear friend and consummate interviewer, Melissa Studdard, tonight from 7 – 7: 30 PM EST, for a talk with writer and psychologist Jacqueline Sheehan. They’ll be discussing Sheehan’s emotionally-riveting work, with a focus on the novel Picture This, released just this past May as a sequel to the New York […]