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  • A Conversation With Jane Hirshfield

    A Conversation With Jane Hirshfield

    “Poems give us permission to be unsure, in ways we must be if we are ever to learn anything not already known. If you look with open eyes at your actual life, it’s always going to be the kind of long division problem that doesn’t work out perfectly evenly. Poems let you accept the multiplicity […]

  • AWP in Minneapolis

    AWP in Minneapolis

    About the Association of Writers & Writing Programs: AWP in Minneapolis Spontaneous skyway socializing–one of the great things about AWP in Minneapolis. With Melissa Studdard, Amy King, Rita Dove and Fred Viebahn Cocktails, VIDA style! — with Jane Ciabattari, Michele Filgate, Bethanne Patrick and Kamy Wicoff. Getting Wild with VIDA — with Amy King – […]

  • Three New Poems

    Three New Poems

    So happy to have three new poems published at Spork Press! And for the literary obsolescence of forks and spoons… And to appear alongside Amy King & David Tomas Martinez… Thanks, Richard Siken! Melissa Studdard is on Facebook and Twitter. She writes on Johntext Texas. Visit her personal homepage and find out about […]

  • Debut of Motionpoem film

    Debut of Motionpoem film

    Amy King wrote: My woman’s Motionpoem film will debut Thursday night & then we will dance until the roof is on fire! The film is an interpretation of Melissa Studdard ‘s “I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast” – will you tap dance with us? Melissa Studdard is on Facebook and Twitter. She writes on Johntext […]