VIDA Interview, Review and Poetry Collection

VIDA Interview, Review and Poetry Collection 30.03.2016 Me and Amy King in LA, California 23.03.2016 The new VIDA Voices & Views interview with Cheryl Strayed is here! She’s so warm and wise. Here’s one of my favorite quotes of Cheryl’s from the talk: “Life and literature are not about ‘should.’ They’re about who you are … Read more

Three New Poems

Photo of Melissa Studdard

Melissa Studdard E

So happy to have three new poems published at Spork Press!

And for the literary obsolescence of forks and spoons…

And to appear alongside Amy King & David Tomas Martinez

Thanks, Richard Siken!

Melissa Studdard is on Facebook and Twitter. She writes on Johntext Texas. Visit her personal homepage and find out about events and her books and contact her on More information is available on Wikipedia.