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Share A Poem With You

because meals are memorials
that teach us how to move,
history moves in us as we raise
our voices and then our glasses
to pour a little out for those
who poured out everything for us,
we pour ourselves for them,
so they can eat again.

From “Grace” by Jake Adam York, RIP (12/12)

This week, instead of memorizing a poem for the Mnemosyne Weekly, I’ll be spending time with family. But I’d still like to share a poem with you. No matter what your faith or what you’re celebrating, this poem highlights mealtime as a way of honoring both the past and the present, both those with whom we are sitting and those who are no longer here. Such a lovely, universal message–

See the full poem here:

The painting is “One of the Family” by Frederick Cotman (1880)


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