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  • Review: Six Weeks To Yehidah

    Six Weeks To Yehidah – reviewed by Ron Starbuck – published on Saint Julian Press Six Weeks to Yehidah, and the story of Annalise of the Verdant Hills, is one of those rare books you will always treasure. As you delve fully into the story, dwell within the story beside Annalise as one of her […]

  • New Release: I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast

    With Whitmanesque exuberance and voracity, Melissa Studdard’s I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast is a collection that devours the world even as it offers it—a collection that, through all its doubts and wounds, through “fire, ice, hurricanes, tsunamis, and quakes” arrives “with that tornado in its throat”—love—to spark renewal again and again. Noting the voluptuous, […]

  • My wonderful friends

    My wonderful friends, for 2013 I wish you unconditional love, deep friendship, frequent and lengthy interludes of joy, and that you may live your truth without fear. Happy 2013! Melissa Studdard is on Facebook and Twitter. She writes on Johntext Texas. Visit her personal homepage www.melissastuddard.com and find out about events and her books and […]

  • My Lovely Grandmother

    Here’s a picture of my lovely ninety-six year old grandmother from earlier today (courtesy of my aunt). Grandma Jane can’t always remember my name, but she still smokes, flirts, drinks scotch, wears a beautiful manicure, and outwits anyone naive enough to think they can figure out what’s going on in that beautiful head of hers. […]