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VIDA Interview, Review and Poetry Collection

VIDA Interview, Review and Poetry Collection


Melissa Studdard and Amy King in LA, California
Me and Amy King in LA, California


The new VIDA Voices & Views interview with Cheryl Strayed is here!
She’s so warm and wise. Here’s one of my favorite quotes of Cheryl’s from the talk: “Life and literature are not about ‘should.’ They’re about who you are really. And who you are really is so much more interesting and complex and beautiful than those artificial surfaces that we all want to show the world.”

Melissa Studdard





Today is the VIDA fundraiser kickoff. I donated this morning and hope you will consider donating, as well. If you’re not aware, everyone who works for VIDA is a volunteer. They put in hours and hours and hours each week–not for any reward but because they believe so passionately in what VIDA can accomplish. Any amount is appreciated, I’m sure!



Happy to see a super smart review of ‘I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast’ in the new issue of ‘American Book Review.’ Many thanks to John Smith for the words and Joseph Daniel Haske for assigning the book.

It’s a print pub, but here’s a little taste: “These lines survey but do not reduce the mystery of otherness, even in the most intimate relationships, and it is hard to imagine stating this understanding in any other way without doing it violence. Such passages help to explain why poetry remains with us, even in our bottom-line era.”



International Women’s Day! Life-changing books! Happy Tuesday–

–with Christy L. Agrawal, Jennifer Baumgardner, Hannah Bonner, Emily Brandt, Melissa Chadburn, Maggie Cooper, Christina Djossa, Melissa Febos, Ashaki M. Jackson, Beth Jacobson, Alexandra Jacunski, Justine El-Khazen, Amy King, Larsen, Ashli Mackenzie,

Krista Manrique, Sarah Marcus-Donnelly, Sheila McMullin, Lynn Melnick, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Olivia Postelli, Jennifer Rabedeau, Héctor Ramírez, Camille Rankine, Jessica Reidy, Jenny Sadre-Orafai, Jocelyn Sears, Naomi Smith-Hough, Carly Rae Zent, Literary Hub, & VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

33 covers of must read books



Amy King: Last time I gave birth was five years ago. The Missing Museum is about to hatch. Order now, receive late March.
Just think, in less than a month, you could be holding my spawn in your very own hands!

Cover of The Missing Museum by Amy King

Amy King’s poetry collection The Missing Museum is cowinner of the Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize and is published by Tarpaulin Sky Press (2016).

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